Our School

Our School

 Pierre Elliott Trudeau French Immersion Public School is located in St. Thomas, Ontario.

In 2009, the school underwent an extensive renovation which included the addition of six new classrooms, a gymnasium, a stage, an activity room and administrative offices.

In January 2010, the primary students from Wellington Street Public School joined the junior and intermediate students at the renovated school building thus creating the first K-8 single-track French Immersion school in Elgin County. 

In the summer of 2018, the Grade 7 and 8 students, both Early Immersion and Extended returned to Pierre Elliott Trudeau F.I.P.S. and our school is once again a SK to 8 French Immersion school.

At Pierre Elliott Trudeau F.I. Public School, we follow the Ontario Curriculum. As a French Immersion school, 80% of the instructional day is taught in French and 20% in English.

 The outstanding facilities support our curriculum. The newly renovated library and computer lab are state of the art. In addition, many classrooms are equipped with computers and SmartBoards. The brand new gymnasium, activity room, stage and music room are outfitted to support athletics and the art.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau French Immersion Public School (1290)

112 Churchill Crescent, St .Thomas, Ontario N5R 1R1

Ph: 519-631-7820   Fax: 519-631-7997

Principal: Mme B. Bolton 

Vice-Principal: Mme I. Hollander

Secretary: Mme J. Perrott, Mme K. Noble

Gr: SK-8 French Immersion  Region: South   Community of Schools: Parkside

Classes Begin 9:00 am

First Break 10:40-11:20 am

Second Break 1:00-1:50 pm

Dismissal 3:30 pm

Enrollment: 550 (approx.)